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Our Professional Services

We provide services for equipment in the commercial and industrial market. Including equipment such as cooling towers, pumps, VFD’s, and heat exchangers. Let Dowdy & Associates, Inc. make your life a little easier, contact a represenative today.

Cooling Tower Services


We service, repair, and rebuild ALL BRANDS of Cooling Towers including:

  • Any Tower, any part, anytime!
  • Replacement of drive components
  • Fill replacement – cross-flow or counter-flow towers
  • Hot water and Cold water basin repair and re-coating
  • Repair or rebuild of large field-erected towers
  • view cooling tower products

Laser Alignment Services


We offer Laser Alignment Services for a wide variety of coupled devices, which include:

  • Pump alignment
  • Package cooling tower shaft alignment
  • Field erected cooling tower shaft alignment

Pump Repair


We provide the following services:

  • Rebuild and repair all major makes of centrifugal pumps
  • Laser alignment
  • Training on proper pump installation to ensure equipment life and minimize downtime
  • Repairs are available onsite and in house at Dowdy & Associates, Inc.
  • view our pump products

Fire Pump Services


We provide the following services on Fire Pump Products:

  • Fire Pump Flow Tests
  • Rebuild / Repacking of all major makes of pumps
  • Services of all major makes of fire pump controls
  • view our fire pump products

Heat Exchangers


We provide the following Heat Exchanger Services:



We offer a wide range of training opportunities including professional lectures and instructions for businesses and schools. We can train your technicians in the proper installation of each of our products and how to properly maintain the equipment to ensure maximum service life. Training can be offered at our facility or yours. Please contact us for your specific training needs.